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Have a project you'd like to discuss? Several of our editors acquire books related to Archaeology, Ancient Near East and Mediterranean studies.

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Christian Intellectuals and the Roman Empire

From Justin Martyr to Origen

Jared Secord

$99.95 | Hardcover Edition
ISBN: 978-0-271-08707-8

214 pages
6" × 9"

Inventing Christianity

The Nun in the Synagogue

Judeocentric Catholicism in Israel

Emma O’Donnell Polyakov

$74.95 | Hardcover Edition
ISBN: 978-0-271-08725-2

242 pages
6" × 9"

Hebrew Psalms and the Utrecht Psalter

Veiled Origins

Pamela Berger

$135.00 | Hardcover Edition
ISBN: 978-0-271-08477-0

240 pages
8" × 10"
38 color/52 b&w illustrations

Christians in Caesar’s Household

The Emperors’ Slaves in the Makings of Christianity

Michael Flexsenhar III

$89.95 | Hardcover Edition
ISBN: 978-0-271-08233-2

$29.95 | Paperback Edition
ISBN: 978-0-271-08234-9

Available as an e-book

208 pages
6" × 9"
17 b&w illustrations/2 maps

Inventing Christianity

Jewish Literary Cultures

Volume 2, The Medieval and Early Modern Periods

David Stern

$99.95 | Hardcover Edition
ISBN: 978-0-271-08483-1

308 pages
6" × 9"
4 color/62 b&w illustrations

Jewish Literary Cultures

Volume 1, The Ancient Period

David Stern

$74.95 | Hardcover Edition
ISBN: 978-0-271-06752-0

$44.95 | Paperback Edition
ISBN: 978-0-271-06753-7

256 pages
6" × 9"
4 b&w illustrations

The Jeselsohn Collection of Aramaic Ostraca from Idumea

Ada Yardeni

$129.95 | Hardcover Edition
ISBN: 978-965-217-394-2

757 pages
8.5" × 11"
1159 color illustrations
Distributed by Penn State University Press for Yad Ben-Zvi Press

Mosaics of Faith

Floors of Pagans, Jews, Samaritans, Christians, and Muslims in the Holy Land

Rina Talgam

$129.95 | Hardcover Edition
ISBN: 978-0-271-06084-2

600 pages
9" × 11"
360 color/144 b&w illustrations
Co-published with the Yad Ben-Zvi Institute

Director His book series include Africana Religions, Dimyonot: Jews and the Cultural Imagination, and Penn State Studies in the History of the Book.

Executive Editor acquires in the areas of art and architectural history, visual culture, history of photography, medieval and early modern studies, occultism and esoterism, Iberian and Latin American history and culture. Her book series include Buildings, Landscapes, and Societies, Iberian Encounter and Exchange, 475–1755, Latin American Originals, Magic in History, Magic in History Sourcebooks, and Refiguring Modernism

Acquisitions Editor acquires in the areas of Pennsylvania and mid-Atlantic history, regional studies and regional trade, and religious studies. Her series include Inventing Christianity, Signifying (on) Scriptures, Religion Around, The Max Kade Research Institute Series: Germans beyond Europe, Keystone Books, Pietist, Moravian, and Anabaptist Studies, and World Christianity

Acquisitions Editor acquires for the Eisenbrauns imprint in the areas of ancient Near East, biblical studies, ancient Near Eastern languages and linguistics, and archaeology. See the full list of series published by Eisenbrauns here

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