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The RSA Series in Transdisciplinary Rhetoric (STR) publishes books that move between rhetoric and other emerging or established disciplines, taking seriously both what makes them strange to one another and how they can be brought together to build space for new conversations, shed light on overlooked areas of inquiry, or even create new ways of doing scholarship. Books in the series speak not only to the disciplines in which rhetoric finds a comfortable home but also to disciplines that are less familiar with it, recognizing that rhetoric will itself be changed—methodologically, conceptually, substantively—in any such transdisciplinary relationship. We’re looking for projects whose case studies stem from disciplines beyond rhetoric, projects that stake out new theoretical ground, and/or projects that grapple with the unfamiliar, odd, or uncommon. Such transdisciplinary exchanges include, but are not limited to, rhetoric and: science, technology, or mathematics; the law or legal studies; digital or visual culture; health and medicine; disability studies; Indigenous studies; economics; environmental studies; gender studies; and religion. We also welcome work that foregrounds transnational perspectives, decolonial approaches, and/or queer of color critique.

Books in the series are well written and accessible to a broad range of students and scholars in rhetoric and other fields. They should be innovative and rigorously argued, combining theoretical sophistication with smart case analysis.

Submissions should include a 3- to 5-page proposal outlining the intent of the project, its scope, its relation to other work on the topic, the anticipated audience, and what makes it transdisciplinary, including an explanation of what the project promises to contribute to another discipline (or disciplines) and how this transdisciplinary engagement will complicate rhetoric as a field of inquiry. Please also include 1–2 sample chapters (at least 1 body chapter) and a current C.V.

For further information, please contact or or , Acquisitions Editor, Penn State University Press.

Leah Ceccarelli
Michael Bernard-Donals

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Diane Davis
Cara Finnegan
Debra Hawhee
John Lynch
Steven Mailloux
Kendall R. Phillips
Thomas J. Rickert

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