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Books in the Graphic Medicine series reflect the value of comics as a resource for communicating about medicine and health. For healthcare practitioners, patients, family members, and caregivers dealing with illness and disability, graphic narratives enlighten complicated or difficult experiences. They can also communicate the scaled meanings of health, from the molecular to the human and to the planetary, including works addressing climate change, environmental pollution, zoonotic diseases, and other complex problems not commonly conceptualized as “medical.” For scholars in literary, cultural, and comics studies, the medium articulates a complex and powerful rethinking of the boundaries of medicine and the expansive meanings of health.

Originally founded by Ian Williams as part of a broader editorial collective, the Graphic Medicine series focused on the publication of self-reflective “graphic pathographies.” A newly appointed trio of series editors that includes Susan Merrill Squier, Juliet McMullin, and Brian Callender will focus their acquisitions on scholarly monographs and edited collections by researchers in the health humanities, activists, and medical practitioners analyzing the ways in which comics address the scaled meanings of health. The series editors are interested, too, in considering works that incorporate original comics, whether that be for comics-based research or for medical training and education, thus providing a creative way to learn and teach.

Submissions should include: a 3–5 page proposal outlining the scope, argument, and methodologies of the work, as well as its relation to other work on the topic and a discussion of your target audience(s); one or two sample chapters; your CV.

Please direct submissions to:
, Assistant Director and Editor-in-Chief of Penn State University Press.

Susan Merrill Squier
Juliet McMullin
Brian Callender

Co-Founding Editors:
Ian Williams
Susan Merrill Squier

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